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It's about time college students were able to make an income without a rigid schedule. 

Sign up and doing Odd Jobs today!

What is OddJobbers?

OddJobbers is a home services platform providing affordable, hourly help to people who want help with household basics.


We match our customers to qualified, local-college students who need to earn an income working Odd Jobs around their school schedule.

Before you sign up...

OddJobbers don't need to have their own supplies. Show up on time and ready to work; get paid by the hour and make connections around the community.

You'll set your own rates for different categories of work. When you're hired by a customer, you'll make the hourly rate you set for that category.

Before you're ready to start doing Odd Jobs, you'll have to complete orientation. It should only take 15 - 20 minutes and will provide all the basic info you'll need to be successful..

How much can you earn?

Each OddJobber sets their own rate based on specific categories. Typically, customers pay a total of $16 - $21 per hour which includes a small fee we charge customers for using our service. We do not charge you, the OddJobber, any fees or commissions!

How does it work?

Be requested or


Customers can request you specifically when posting or you can apply to their open job.. 

Get hired and reach out

You'll receive a notification if you're hired. Now, contact the customer to confirm scheduling details.

Show up, Work, Get Paid

Arrive to every Odd Job with a great attitude and work ethic. Once you're done, create an invoice and get paid-out within days.

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