Section 4 Standards

Learn what it takes to be an OddJobber and keep your account active. Complete the quiz at the bottom to finish orientation.

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At the Job

Be on Time!

Arriving more than 5 minutes early is awkward, and arriving late is even worse. Make sure to leave early enough to arrive on-time to the Odd Job. 

Do a Great Job!

Stay focused on the task at hand and ask questions if you're confused. Customers know you're not a professional cleaner, gardener, or mover but they do expect you to work hard!

Get Paid!

When you've completed the job and the customer is happy, create an invoice to charge the customer. The number of hours entered when creating an invoice does not include driving time unless the customer specifically offers. Cash is not acceptable for any Odd Job.

Maintain Account Access


If you cancel a booking that you were hired for, your account may be suspended. We understand unforeseen circumstances happen but customers have high expectations and we're counting on you as an OddJobber to do a great job, every job.


We work hard to generate the Odd Jobs that are posted and customers depend on us to get the help they need. Missing a scheduled booking or providing poor service hurts the reputation of OddJobbers everywhere. No-shows that occur for any reason other than an emergency will result in termination of your account.

Cash is Not Accepted

You'll be able to create an invoice for customers you have never worked with before as well as customers who have invited you back to work again. Every customer has a card on file in our system so there's no reason to take cash. If an invoice is not created for a scheduled booking, it is considered a no-show.

Safety was created for students. Your safety is our number one priority.


OddJobbers Support Team


Unsafe Work 

If the Odd Job takes place in an unsafe setting, leave immediately. Politely excuse yourself and Inform the customer that you will not be able to complete the job. The Customer Care Team from will be in contact with them shortly. After you leave, immediately contact us by phone to inform us of the situation.

Unsafe Conditions

If work conditions may cause harm to your health in any way, do not complete the job.  Use your best judgement about what may be unhealthy conditions by asking yourself, "Would someone who does this professionally complete this job?" If the answer is no, politely explain that you are unable to complete that part of the job. After you leave, immediately contact us by phone to inform us of the situation.

Inappropriate Behavior by Customers

If the customer displays any inappropriate behavior or makes you feel uncomfortable in any way, leave immediately. Politely excuse yourself and Inform them that you are unable to complete the job. The Customer Care Team from will be in contact with them shortly. After you leave, call 911 if necessary and then immediately contact us by phone to inform us of the situation. 

Use your Best Judgement

Leaving an Odd Job due to safety or health concerns is serious. We will always do everything in our power to reconcile the situation but you are the boots on the ground and must decide what is unsafe. Always use common sense and don't put yourself in risky situations.

Stop the Spread of COVID-19

Please be aware that requirements from the state are changing continuously. We'll keep you updated on provisions that will affect your use of At this time, you are required by the state to wear a mask for indoor jobs and any other time you cannot maintain 6 feet of separation. Many of our customers are older and at risk of health complications, please help us protect our community.

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