Section 3 Payment

Learn how to charge customers and get paid. Complete the quiz at the bottom to move on to the final section.

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Create an Invoice

After you've completed the Odd Job, create an invoice in the 'My Invoices' section. Choose the customer and Input the number of hours you worked. The invoice will automatically charge within 48 hours of creation.

Invoices are made only for the time you worked., which may be less (or more) than the original job post duration.  Arrive on time and never add time (unless asked to) so there isn't a dispute over the invoice.

Cash is not accepted for any Odd Job. If you take cash as payment for any Odd Job, you will be permanently removed from 

Get Paid

Customers have the ability to dispute an invoice if it's inaccurate or fraudulent. We'll follow up within 24 hours to settle the situation and make sure you're paid accurately.

When the invoice is charged, funds are routed to your Stripe account and then paid out to your bank or debit card. View your Stripe balance in the Payment Dashboard section of your OddJobbers Dashboard.

*If the quiz does not populate, please refresh your page. If the problem continues, please email us
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