Section 1 Account Setup

Check out the brief video below to get started, read the descriptions below, and then complete the quiz at the bottom to move on to Section 2. (out of 4)

*Sound ON

Update Profile

Fill out all the fields for your profile on the Update Profile section. View it from a customer's perspective by clicking My Profile.


We can't approve OddJobber accounts until they're consistent with our standards (professionalism, appropriate, no personal info, all profile fields entered).


Customers choose which OddJobber to hire based on their profile so market yourself accordingly!

Payment Dashboard

To receive the money you earn doing Odd Jobs, you'll have to connect or create a Stripe account. Just attach a debit card or bank account to receive payouts in as little as 2 business days. 

The first payout you receive may take 5-10 business days due to Stripe's verification process. Following payouts will take 2-3 business days.

My Schedule

Highlight in green the times you're generally available on a weekly basis. You are not expected to work these times. 

When customers post jobs, they'll be able to directly request you if their job's schedule fits your availability.

My Services

Set what kind of Odd Jobs you want to do and how much you'd like to earn in each category.

Toggle 'Allow Requests' to opt-in to receiving requests from customers for jobs that fit your availability. Edit the Base Rate to set your hourly wage within each category. The rate you set is the rate you'll earn in that category! 

*If the quiz does not populate, please refresh your page. If the problem continues, please email us
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