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Customer Spotlight: Suzanne R. and OddJobber #01

Suzanne R. is a homeowner living in Spokane's beautiful Audobon neighborhood and has been an OddJobbers customer since the very beginning! Suzanne's first OddJobbers was the company founder Nick McLain while he was still in school at Gonzaga University and working Odd Jobs in his free time. We met with Suzanne to hear more about her experiences with OddJobbers.

How long have you lived in Spokane?

"It’s been 37 years. I used to live in San Diego, CA, but when I had my son, I decided it was time to get out of there."

How long have you lived in your current home?

"I’ve been in the same home ever since I moved here. 37 years."

What projects have you had done through OddJobbers?

The first job I had done through OddJobbers was my snow-shoveling a few years ago. I was lucky enough to get Nick, the CEO, as my OddJobber back when he was still working Odd Jobs. Since then, he’s helped me with countless projects around my house. He’s helped me tear out carpet in the upstairs portion of my house, which he then helped to repaint and touch up for me. He’s done work for me in the backyard, weeding, cleaning up brush, and leaf blowing. Nick has also helped me rearrange furniture in my house and set up for a garage sale I had last year. One thing I always appreciated when he came over, is he would help me pour the dog food out of the heavy Costco bags it comes in into smaller, more manageable containers. It’s a small job, but it’s hard for me to do myself with my back."

What did you do to get help with these projects before you hire someone on OddJobbers?

"Oh gosh, before OddJobbers I used to try and find someone on Craigslist to help me out, but I never felt comfortable on Craigslist. You always hear horror stories about people hiring help from Craigslist because you never know who you're going to get. You know, I live alone and I just didn’t like the idea of bringing a stranger into my house. I felt much safer using college students, especially Gonzaga students because I trust the university. I know if they made it there, they’re not much of a risk to me."

What made you choose OddJobbers as opposed to going with another person on Craigslist?

"I was really drawn toward the idea of using college students to help me with my projects. I felt much safer using college students, especially Gonzaga students because I trust the university. I know if they made it there, they must be pretty smart, and someone I’d be okay having in my home. Plus, it's nice being able to visually see who is coming to your house from their profile and getting to learn a little bit more about them before I let them in the door."

When did you realize that you needed to start hiring these projects out instead of doing them yourself?

"A while back, I had a fall and broke my arm. When I fell, I also injured my knee and my hip. Since I live alone, I just needed someone reliable to call on to take care of things for me. I’m good now, but I’m done doing the heavy lifting kind-of-work. Now I have OddJobbers do it for me. "

If you'd like to get help with some household projects and you need a few extra hands and some strong backs, we'd love for you to Book an OddJobber!

At you can get help with recurring household chores or one-off projects like this one. Every OddJobber is a local college student, making them a perfect combination of affordable, trustworthy, and thoughtful.

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