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Project Guide: Rose Garden Patio

Project Outline:

One of our customers, Nina, wanted to spruce up an area of her garden that had become a bit overgrown since winter. The rest of her yard was flourishing, so she decided to book an OddJobber to help her turn it into a Rose Garden patio area. It's an awesome weekend DIY project for anyone looking to bring some life to their house, yard, or garden during the spring. It looks great when it’s done and is the perfect outdoor project for someone on a budget.

Here is a guide on how to complete a similar project at your own home.

How much does it cost:

  • 4 hours of yard work help from 1 OddJobber = $74.00 ($18.50 per hour)

  • 2 Bags of Soil = $10.00 ($5 each)

  • 6 potted Landscape Rose Plants = $132.00 ($22.00 each)

  • TOTAL COST = $216.00

How long does it take?

  • 3-4 hours

  • If it goes shorter, you can always have your OddJobber take care of some more chores.

How to make it happen

Step 1: Prep the ground

  • Over the winter, Nina laid down newspaper over the dirt to prevent weeds from sprouting up. While it didn’t stop everything, it sure helped prevent most weeds from growing and made this step go much faster!

  • If you have helpful gardening tips you'd like to share, email us at or share them with us on Facebook @oddjobbersinc

  • The first step this OddJobber did was remove the newspaper from the ground and pulled all the weeds. This is a good spot to spend a little extra time. Weeding seems to be a never-ending chore, but more effort here will save you some work down the line.

  • There were a few large rocks in the way, so Nina's OddJobber made sure to clear them out to make room. The goal is to get down to bare soil!

Step 2: Be careful of water lines

  • This depends on your property and what you already have in place, but make sure there are no water lines where you plan on digging. They tend to break or be cut \ easily so be on the lookout as you're digging. It’s much easier to check for water lines than it is to replace broken ones!

Step 3: Dig

  • Remove enough soil to be able to plant your rose bushes. It’s recommended that you dig a hole slightly wider and deeper than the plant's root ball. If you are buying them pre-potted from a home goods store, dig slightly larger (1-2 inches) than the container it came in. On this project specifically, because the roses were going in a ring around the concrete square, Nina's OddJobber dug the same depth all the way around the flower bed.

Step 4: Layout your plants and visualize

  • Before you start putting any soil back top of your plants, lay them out to visualize how it will look. Make sure everything is picture perfect before it's finalized. It's never fun to have to dig all your rose bushes up again to move them a few inches.

Step 5: Mix in new soil and plant

  • Depending on where you’re located, you may want to add fresh soil to give your roses the best chance to grow. You can pick up a bag of soil from almost any home goods store for between $4.00 and $10.00. On this project, Nina had her OddJobber mix in some fresh potting mix from her local hardware store.

Step 6: Spray down surrounding areas and new soil

  • Make sure you tamp down the soil around the roses to keep them firmly in place. You'd hate for a strong gust of wind to rip them out. The final touch to this job is to clean up. Sweep all the remaining dirt into the flower beds and hose down the area to clean it up. You want the area around your new flowers to look just as nice as the flowers themselves.

Here's the final product! Nina had some nice big stones lying around, so she added those in between the rose bushes to break them up visually. Once the ground dries, she'll put out her outdoor furniture and have the perfect place for morning coffee or an afternoon reading session!

If you'd like to do a project like this but need a little bit of help with the more labor-intensive work, we'd love for you to Book an OddJobber!

At you can get help with recurring household chores or one-off projects like this one. Every OddJobber is a local college student, making them a perfect combination of affordable, trustworthy, and thoughtful.

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