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Project Guide - Apartment Moving

So you're getting ready to move and wondering, "How the heck am I going to move all this stuff myself?"

Well, the short answer is, you probably aren't, but that's okay! That's what you have OddJobbers for. This guide will breakdown the most affordable way for you to move out of your apartment or small home telling you what you need, providing links to buy those things, and give you a full example and cost estimate. Enjoy!

How to book OddJobbers for Moving Help?

We recommend booking your OddJobbers two weeks in advance to ensure that OddJobbers are available at the time of your move. You can create a booking for moving help as little as 24 hours before your move, but planning ahead will be the easiest for coordinating your OddJobbers to help.

On, click “Post an Odd Job”. Select the category “Moving Help” and enter the appropriate subcategories for what your job entails. Here’s what you can choose from:

  • Packing and Unpacking

  • Loading and Unloading

  • A to B Moving Help

  • Same-site Moving Help

  • Rearranging furniture

  • Storage Help

  • Organizing

  • Heavy Lifting

Select as many as subcategories as are applicable to your job. Next, you’ll enter a description of your move. The more detail you can provide, the better suited your OddJobbers will be to your specific move. We recommend including things like:

  • What the job is in general

  • What part of town you're moving to and from

  • If you need help at more than one location (You will have to pay for OddJobbers travel time between locations)

  • Where your OddJobbers should park

  • Any special or especially large items you’ll be moving

  • Etc…

Are you not sure how many OddJobbers to book or for how long? We created this helpful guide for you to provide the best estimate! The top row shows you the number of OddJobbers; the left column shows how big the place you are moving from is, and where they intersect is how long it will take.


Since OddJobbers don’t provide moving trucks, you’ll need to find your own way to transport your materials. Not only does this give you more control over how your things get from point A to point B, but also it’s typically much less expensive. We did the research for you, so you know how much things will cost when you go to do your move.

What we recommend doing, and what most of our customers have done in the past, is to book a Uhaul to move their belongings. Booking a Uhaul is a fairly painless process, plus they have locations all over the country making it a great option for both in-town moves and long-distance moves. You can rent many different sizes of Uhauls - anything from small trailers all the way to the “26 foot super-mover.”

Here are all the options for trucks you can rent on Uhaul. Note the recommended home size for each one.

The truck rates vary depending on the size of truck you reserve and the day of week you need to move. Reservation rates range from $19.99 for a smaller truck all the way to $39.99 for a larger 26’ Truck. These are the rates for a 24 hour rental, but if you need to use the truck longer, it will cost more. The other truck fee is a per-mile-rate. There is more fluctuation in UHaul’s per-mile-rate with each vehicle, but it’s clear that later in the week, Thursday - Sunday, rates increase dramatically. You can expect to pay between $.50 and $2.00 per mile for any given vehicle you reserve.

What tools and materials do you need to provide?

  • Boxes ($.99 to $2.49 each)

  • Packing tape (2 55-Yard Rolls with dispensers = $5.25)

What tools and materials are recommended?


To wrap it all up, we’ll put it into a clear example. Let’s say you are moving from the South Hill of Spokane, WA to the North Spokane Area (roughly 12 miles depending on the exact location). You’re moving out of a two-bedroom apartment (roughly 1,000 sqft) into a similar-sized home, so you opt to rent the 15’ Uhaul. One extra advantage to this size Uhaul is it comes with a ramp, unlike smaller trucks that do not. This truck will cost you $30 for 24 hours and $1.29 per mile. Luckily, you can pick up your U Haul at one location in the South Hill and drop it off at another in North Spokane, so you don’t have to double down on the miles. You estimate it will be about 15 total miles between picking it up, driving to each location, and dropping it off. That puts the cost for driving at $19.35 plus an additional $5.00 to fill up the gas tank, which brings the total truck cost to $44.35.

You needed just a few supplies for your move including 15 Large Boxes, 2 Furniture Pads, and packing tape. This puts your materials cost at $46.20.

You look at our handy time estimate guide and see that you’re best option is to book 2 OddJobbers for 2 hours at each location. Add an extra hour for travel time between the location, and extra cleanup for a total of 5 hours per OddJobbers, 10 hours total. At an average rate of $20/hour per OddJobber, you can expect to pay $200 for the moving labor, and you won’t have to lift a finger!

Let’s put it all together:

Truck Cost: $44.35

Materials Cost: $46.20

OddJobbers Moving Help: $200

Total Moving Cost: $290.55

Wow! It really does not get much more affordable than that. Check out these photos from some recent moves we helped out with.

If you'd like to get help moving out of your current home and into a new location, but you need a few extra hands and some strong backs, we'd love for you to Book an OddJobber!

At you can get help with recurring household chores or one-off projects like this one. Every OddJobber is a local college student, making them a perfect combination of affordable, trustworthy, and thoughtful.

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