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Oddest Job Competition - Wrap-up

Back in March we ran a contest to hear about all the creative ways our customers have made money throughout their life. We had some super interesting - dare I say “Odd” - responses, but by far the oddest was Leslie L.’s. Below you can see the video we ran announcing the contest on Facebook, and below that we attached Leslie’s response.

And her response...

With a response like that, we had no choice but to crown Leslie our Oddest Job winner.

Originally we planned to help Leslie out in April, but given the craziness that ensued in the world, we postponed until late June. We sent out two OddJobbers to help Leslie tackle as many Odd Jobs as she could think of, so she put Jacob and Jackson to work in the yard.

On the day of the Odd Job, Leslie walked us around her property so we could learn more about her and the projects she has going on at home.

Leslie works full-time in Spokane and as a single mother, she doesn’t always have time to take care of the yard maintenance that her Spokane Valley home requires. She’s lived in Spokane for 40 years and in her current home for the last 20. She has a beautiful view of the Spokane River, which is just a mere 50 yards away. A self-proclaimed “yellow-thumb”, Leslie loves spending time in her garden and has big plans for gardening projects once she’s able to retire. Her yard is covered in beautiful greenery and perennials that light up the backyard.

Leslie originally heard about OddJobbers through a friend who had some students come to help him in his yard. At the time, she was looking for someone to clean her gutters, and upon her friend's recommendation, she tried OddJobbers.

The first project on the list was putting in two steps where there used to be grass so Leslie is able to get down safely to the area where she’ll do her gardening. You can see Jackson working to level the dirt to put in two steps made of pavers.

The other projects she had planned for the day were clearing her “back-40”. It’s her soon-to-be garden area that’s historically been overrun with ivy. A few weeks ago, Leslie sprayed a weed killing solution to make the removal easier, and it did a great job of killing off the invasive vine. She’ll have the OddJobbers pull up the dead roots, spray the ones that are still up, and till the soil to get ready for planting.

She also needed her trees in the front yard and bushes on the side of the house trimmed. She doesn’t like getting up on the ladder, so it’s the perfect job to have her OddJobbers take care of.

Once she retires, her plan is to take a portion of her yard and put in raised garden beds. In the past, she’s grown veggies like tomatoes, corn, zucchini, peas, and cucumbers. One of her tips for timing the gardening season in Spokane is to wait until all the snow is melted off Mt. Spokane. Typically around Mother’s day in May is when she’ll start putting things in the ground.

The contest called for 8 hours of free Odd Jobs to the winner, but Leslie insisted on paying for the work. We couldn't in good conscience accept money after promising to help for free, so we compromised and donated the proceeds to a charity helping with COVID-19 relief efforts.You can make a donation to the same charity here!

If you'd like to get help with projects like these but need a few extra hands and some strong backs, we'd love for you to Book an OddJobber!

At you can get help with recurring household chores or one-off projects like this one. Every OddJobber is a local college student, making them a perfect combination of affordable, trustworthy, and thoughtful.

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