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Odd Job Success Stories: Holly W. and Megan R.

We recently went to take photos at an Odd Job and while we were there, the customer raved about her OddJobber Megan, so we decided to follow up with her to see what has made her experience so successful.

Holly and her husband Ron are Spokane natives. They’ve been married for 26 years and have lived in the same house for 17 years. When they first moved in, they would take care of all the household chores themselves, but over the years, injuries and illnesses prevented them from physically being able to do everything to their house that they wanted.

How did you find out about OddJobbers?

“My sister and I were looking for someone to work in the yard... she doesn't have time to do that, and I didn’t have time or the energy to do that….I got on OddJobbers and Megan answered my [job request] and has been our yard girl ever since. And I wouldn’t have anybody else.”

What about Megan makes her such a great OddJobber? What makes you want to continually hire her back?

“She’s a very hard worker. Very personable. We’ve gotten to know her pretty well over the past year, and I just wouldn’t have anybody else work in my yard,” Holly said.

Megan has worked for Holly and Ron for two summers know and has been using OddJobbers since it started in 2018. She’s had incredible reviews and tons of repeat customers. Holly and Ron have recommended Megan to several friends, neighbors, and family members. Recently, Holly’s sister hired Megan to come help in her own yard after seeing all the work that Megan has done. “She can get things done like that *snaps finger* and when you ask her to do something, you don’t have to ask her twice. She does it,’” Holly repeated.

Ron and Holly have had Megan do all sorts of Odd Jobs around their house, mainly focused around cleaning and maintaining their yard. Initially they had her reset the bricks that outline her yard. After years of being there, several had gotten out of place and needed to be touched up. Recently, she’s been focused on pruning all the plants in the garden and pulling weeds around the house. “We’ve just been too busy around here for me to worry about doing yard work” Holly mentioned. The next project they’ll have her do is to replace mulch in the front yard with a new batch being dropped off soon.

Why did you decide to go with OddJobbers instead of a traditional landscaping or other company?

“I like the concept of using college students. When I read the article in the paper I told [my husband] and my sister. I said “these are the people we need to use”. And we want to enable a college student to make some money. So that’s why we chose OddJobbers, and I wouldn’t choose anybody else. It’s been a godsend.”

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