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How do I hire an OddJobber?

First, you must post your job, see "How do I book an OddJobber / Post an Odd Job?" After your job is live, your job can be filled one of two ways. 1. OddJobbers you requested when posting your Odd Job can confirm your request 2. Other OddJobbers (who you didn't request) can Apply to your job. You'll be notified when this happens. To hire an applicant, see "How do I hire applicants?"

How do I log in to my account?

1. Go to 2. In the upper-right corner, click 'Log In' 3. Enter your email and password - If you receive the error "These credentials do not match our records", go to step 4. 4. Click 'Click Here' next to 'Forgot your Passord?' 5. Enter your email address - You'll receive an email to reset your password 6. Click the button in the email and reset you password 7. Log in with your email and new password

How do I pay?

Before your job is posted and viewable by local OddJobbers, we require customers to provide payment information in the form of a debit or credit card. Once your job has been completed, your OddJobber(s) will create an invoice which you'll be able to review. Your card will be charged 24 hours later. If you think you were mischarged, you can always get in touch with our team for a refund!

Do OddJobbers bring their own tools?

No, OddJobbers are never expected to provide any equipment, materials, or tools for any Odd Job. The only thing customers should expect for their OddJobber to bring is a good attitude, great work ethic, and gloves if the Odd Job requires it.

Can I pay cash?

No, cash is never accepted for any Odd Job booked on If customers pay cash, we have no record of the Odd Job happening and cannot help in case of any loss, necessary refund, or dispute. Your credit card will be on file when an OddJobber comes to complete your job and they'll simply create an invoice when the job is complete.

How do I hire applicants?

1. Go to and log in 2. Go to the 'My Jobs' section on the left side-menu 3. Find the job you wish to hire applicants for and click "Manage Booking" 4. At the bottom of the Manage Booking page, click the 'Other Applicants' tab 5. Look through the students who have applied to your Odd Job and click 'Hire' for the one(s) you wish to work with You'll receive the OddJobber's contact information via email so that you can make contact and confirm scheduling!

How do I book an OddJobber / Post an Odd Job?

1. Go to - **Past customers must Log in and click Post a Job from within their account. - If you're a new customer, click Post an Odd Job in the upper right 2. Fill out the details of your Odd Job including Category, Tasks, Address, Description, Number of OddJobbers, Recurrence Type, Contact Preference, and Referral Source 3. Click the 'Next' button at the bottom right 4. Schedule your Odd Job by inputting a Date, Start Time, and Expected Duration 5. Send up to 5 requests to students who are available at the date and time your choice. Don't see anyone you'd like ro request? No problem, you can skip this step. 6. Scroll to the bottom and clcik... - 'Finsih' for past customers. You're all done! - 'Next' for new customers. 7. Create your OddJobbers account and attach a credit card. You're only charged when the job is complete and you've had a chance to review the invoice. 8. Click 'Finish' in the bottom right. You're all done!!

How do I approve an invoice?

1. Log in to 2. Go to 'My Invoices' on the lefthand side menu 3. Locate the invoice you would like to approve 3. Click approve on the invoice summary

How do I dispute an invoice?

1. Log in to 2. Go to 'My Invoices' on the lefthand side menu 3. Locate the invoice you would like to dispute 3. Click Dispute on the invoice summary Disputing an invoice will stop your card from automatically being charged. We will reach out via email or phone call to understand why the invoice was disputed and do our best to reconcile the situation.

How can I review the OddJobber I hired?

1. Log in to 2. Go to 'My Invoices' on the lefthand side menu 3. Locate the the student you wish to review 3. Click review on the invoice that student created 4. Rate and review the student you worked with

Does OddJobbers have insurance?

OddJobbers, Inc. does have insurance but cannot guarantee coverage for any or all losses that occur during an Odd Job. Claims can vary widely in regards to the kind of damage, cause of loss, as well as other factors. If you have questions or concerns about how this may affect your Odd Job, please contact

Are OddJobbers licensed & bonded contractors?

No. OddJobbers are local college students who need an income without sacrificing their college experience. Workers who complete tasks that require a contractors license in Washington without proper registration with the state may be subject to a fine from Washington Labor & Industries.

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